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the kids are coming out tonight [07 Feb 2005|06:37pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

well everytng has been pretty shitty recently and im not sure why, play is stressfull but fun but theres this friend i have that i feel totaly could care less aobut me for some rason and i think is convinced im making fun f him all the time when im not. i dont even know its just become really apprent recently and its really bumming me out.

we have a new student teacher in wolfs art class, he looks alot like napolean and i like him i geuss, hes kinda quarky, thats good at least.

im uploading the ftwcw cd recently released, it sounds amazing audio wise, its very ntertaining musicly wise, i like it alot. kudos

i tried to go off tangent and talk aobut some good things right now, but i keep letting my mind dift back to tht friend and how i totlay feel in a rutand just blagh. last night i was supposed to take the garbage down but it was pitch blak out so my mom was lie well do it in te moring so i went to sleep and when i woke up i showerd and when i was getting ready my dad was jsut making all these sarcsti comments about how the garbage isnt dwon and my mom joined and then proceeded to jst b like i odnt see why your so intent on not doing anything around her and i was ttoaly just in awe of the ridiculosness and hwo i was about to do it, it was too dakr alst night and it was moms idea for me to wait and now shes yllling at me nad when i ge upset that theyre both yllng shes like patrck i just asked you to bring the garbage dwon its not the end of the wrold why are yu so upset, and im labergaste at her compelete lack of memory, it doenst make any snes to me that she keeps thinking its the chore im upset at, not at all.
so relations with the parents just make things worse.
im gunna go eat and suff my mind with chem and french. great
<3 i geuss

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[26 Jan 2005|04:10pm]
Art, Thy Name IS Spinelli
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my space [23 Jan 2005|08:24pm]
ive recently made a my space, and all of you who have one your self probobly have gotten a friend request from me. itd be great if youd except
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[21 Jan 2005|11:34pm]
so me and jax went to go see The Woodsman and i really liked it so did jackson. sad though, but moving, nt liek oh god stop milking this sad. so that was good.

but no jokeme and jackson were having this realy in depth conversation in euro repub about dreams, and my dream and in euro there was a perosn who looked exactly like the one in my dream, but i found it almsot kind of closure lilke. it freaked me out at first but then was thinking well this isnt making me sad so then im over it. yay whcih is great. but freaky that i saw the person and was liek oh wow, wow.they were slightly too tall and a little off but overall it was pretty uncany.

it was a really good night, i enjoyed jacksons company.
i cant wait for tuesday, ahhh

i miss chris's and all there, hope alls well
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to you [15 Dec 2004|09:31pm]
Write ten statements
Intended to different people.
Never tell which one is to who.

1. id tell you stop teasing me, if i didnt liek you so much
2. your the best girl in my life, you hold all my secrets
3. ive liked you for so long, and now im jsut so confused
4. i love evrything about you, just take off the protective buble wrap, some people sting when you dont see it
5. your such a mystery
6. im fucking tired of it, say sometihng damnit
7. i so look up to you in every way
8. a block away is apparently very far, i miss you
9. your such a sweet girl, i just hope you dont hurt him
10. soon another best friend, your such a good kid
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the best feast in the history of the world [25 Nov 2004|04:56pm]
this week has been pretty fantastic, minus this morning where my parents exploded yelling at me about the pressure theyre under right now. It was ridiculous but the feast made up for it so well. if youre wondering , what feast heres a synopsis

wendsday i came to school dressed as a pilgrim joinung the other like 40 people dressed up as either pilgrims or indians. then those people along with like 10 to 15 other people came together at 6th period lunch bring the food they brought weit them to school and we feasted toether, spanning like 6 or 7 lunch tables. JAmes brought a turkey and there was pie chips soda egg nog stuffing muffins and oh god it was amazing. There was confetti and a group bag pop that really sounded amazzing. it was so good, we snaked a gint snake around the school and through the office and ended in a pow wow in the senior well. the crowd dispersed but some stood around the cafeteria and we had a small pilgrim indian dnace to the sweet sounds of claps and a recorder.

imt hankful fro that feast

im also thankful that hook was on this morning, what a fantastic movie

fool james hook is neverland
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just your smile [28 Oct 2004|08:58pm]
so apparently ive been elected to be one of the 10 boys out my entire grade to be in share, where suposedly we help people and our selves and we go on these sick retreats and oh i cant wait. we have a 3 day retreat at alvernia and im so excted , then we hveo ne wher everyone from share goes and stays in our school librar. rad
anyways i went to that meeting tonight, adn julia maddy meg heather smitty and a bunch of others.

i also found out tonight that i was in the newspaper for my haunted barn-..ness. as bozo the clown, whcih was later changed to mortomor the murderous circus clown. however the newpaper lady only saw the tour where i was still bozo and when iwas assisting not doing my own tours. ah wells.

a solo phoenix comic i scoming out in january and im so excited but kinda sad cause i love that character and this is supposedly the last phoenix comic coming out. damn it

thats about it, gunna go study french

Will he hold your tiny face in his hands?
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hey spirit, you were good. [03 Oct 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]

SO friday was a day of anticipation. once we got through school we were headed for friday and headed for jacksons. me julia, rach, alex jax and ryry boreded the bus to jacksons, and happened to see ryan w. that was anice surprsie but there was a nasty ol kid that apparently lives near jackson who kept watching us and trying to be funny adn wahtever, it was terrible. but soon we made it to jackosns and were greeted by the customary cheery mrs wingate and crazy ol sex drived riddle. we sat for some and then went down to crab meadow. mme julia jax and ry ry went into the marshes cuase i havnt been there since soundview and we allw anted to go. so we went talked it was nice. we rejoined rach and alex after and headed back towards jackosns to catch both the "shout" episode of degrassi where paige gets raped from season 2, and the follow up to that story in the premeire of season 4 which happened to be firiday. it was maazing and oh god so entertaining. when degrassi was all over spinning its over dramatic racy web, we left for the private beach. we danced to some tunes and laid in ome sand. i made up soem words to les miz songs and then we just talked. i was pretty nice. not as good as red moon dream night minus the tube slide. but it was pretty rad.we got home in the knick of time when my mom pulld in the drive way. i went home and hit the pillow hard. i was so tired. paige michaelcuck exhausts me. sinday was work, sunday afternoon jsut plain sucked. ah well. tomorows school, hope its not bad.

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oh yeah [18 Sep 2004|04:22pm]
frank cuadros <3 meghan gallagher

and i couldnt be happier
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it's only us no day but today [18 Sep 2004|04:00pm]
so alst night was actually really fun.
i went to natasha loves at like 6, and we chatted about new jackets and shag rugs, then lisa the wonderful came at like 7 and we drove to knights of columbus for THE ROCK SHOW, which was more show and less rock. no it was good we ad fun and ftwcw were alot fo fun as always. though that was one of the most difficult had gritty monkey vs mosquito ever. punches everywhere. kp trash sucks. so the show kept getitng ruined byt his trash from kp who all went disgustingly drunk and awful and really annoying. those whiny girls that scream all the time adn stuff pretty bad. o after tpf finished me and jackson left to go get some root beer at the IS A PIZZZA place. it was sweet but on the way back it started to rain so we ran and got our aleady sweat soaked bodies even more wet it was a very unpleasant yet kinda refreashing feeling. like jumping into a pool right after a hot tub its weird. numbing almost. anyway during some song liz came up to me and kissed me, whcih was pretty bad but it just got worse because he kept pretending she was drunk and being awful to impress the skin head kp jackass. and god i lost all the respect i had for her and now its just a sorrowful pity. im sorry liz, grow up. that was revolting.
but i had so much fun last night with everyone, me julia rach alex case ry ry pat jackie chels and mel at the pizza place. it was good stuff. but i felt like summer. and now im counting the days. this summer was so amazing. man. <3

but me pat and ry ry slept at caseys and has some good old fashioned fun.
it was good. i love ryan

well thats about it
pull the rip chord, the ship has lost its sail
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bad news, baby its bad news [17 Sep 2004|02:45pm]
with recent life shattering news of tpfs "renovations" we can only call this kp show, tpfs last eraly show becuase soon theyll be compeletely different. theyll be t p o...swego.

soi hope it rawks tonight, and i hope that planet is very much played. everyone does.

ill update after the how with the wonderful convo i had with nantasha about franks apparent dating situation. dont you want to know.?

saw your purple hair
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the suns just gunna drop [07 Sep 2004|08:17pm]
Did you expect it all to stop?

last day of summer was actually really pleasant and calming.
me and jacksons went to alex's at like 9, followed by julia and rach. ryan was aittle late but it was better that way. we got to rest before we went.

we got a ride downtown and walked to shipwreck for breakfast. we were gunna have to wait to get the "big table" to accomodate us ntl we just tried to smush into a 4 person booth, which wasnt that bad at all, but this waitress started to get testy and kept trying to convince us to seperate to another table, which would be breaking the whole point of this day. we stayed anyay and all was great, until baby spilld her cranberry juice everywhere, and gave rachel a lingering scent of cranberry wcih actually wasnt that bad. we got some shakes at organically yours and then went to the thrift shop .in a very uncharacteristic turn of events the down town thrift shop had like 3 shirts and a cup that i bought, that place usually sucks.

we went to ninas for ices, played at ocean's park and then cooled off in alex basement, watching alex's aladdin.
it was amazing and sweet and this summer was fantastic, and was capped off really nicely by this ending.

<3 rebel nation hahah, make hoodies soon!
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my triumphant return to the wonderful world of the internet [04 Sep 2004|02:47pm]
we finally made the change to mac, because our pc isnt worth its weight in pc's....

this summer has been so fantastic except for the lack of meg, and new episodes of degrassi.(which start october)!!!!

by the way, i dont want to spend the money, if someone has more adventerous in their get file , please im me, i have it live but i want the album anyway.

so last nght was kind of like an awkward dream you dont remember much of, and the links between the facts arent really there anymore. but you decide... we decided to go make smores on stair way to jackson's private beach, but wound up making them in a 2 story playhose riht out side of the beach. we went up to the upperplatform and started to smore 'em up. but thre was a twisty tube slide that snaked down to grassy patch the house rested on. i stated to go down it backwards and then decided against it but oh no!!!! it was too late and i got stuck, it was terrble. my body was being folded up. my neck and head facing the bottom of the tube where my body faced the ceiling, in the turn of the slide. pressure was building up in my neck, as i scrambled for a grip to hold on and leverage my self up. i screamed for my frieds to come help who i guess didnt all exactly see how terrified i was and thought i was more joking. but came to help anyway. i told em to pull my legs up to the top of th slide, but my palm's grips down on the slide walls, which felt like the only thing keeping my neck form succombing to the combination of gravity and my body weight weighing down on my neck. but i was pulled out riht in time and i sat there in rachels arms stunned it had t be the scariest moment of my entire life. it was terrifying, im sure i sound really emo and you probobly think im exagerating but i really thoght i as gunna die. i didnt stop shaking until like an hour later. we decided enough with this play house and went to the beach front. so down we went, descending these stairs that look as if from a dr. seuss book, twisting and turing in everywhich direction. we got to the low tide shore front and me julia and ryan ran down the stretch of beach until we collapsed, soon followed by jax alex and rach. we stared out at the sky and must of saw like 6 shooting stars, one of whcih was the first alex had ever seen, so congratulations life saver. i scared a very antsy ryan who inturn scared the julia who lied next to him. our attention was drawn to the moon whcih was a very deep shade of red, it was fantastic.

the night some how ended pantsless and running.
i dunno

but i do know i love you all...class dismissed
meet me down at the old cafe
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...sat on the backs of our cars, and laughed until morning... [18 Aug 2004|05:11pm]
birthday madness.
i started out having a pretty lame birthday, but since moms spending some mean cash for me and al to go to the city this weekend, i was like oh thats enough party i dont need any more this is fine. so i kinda just hung out that morning and watched tv. i couldnt wait until people came home. and then at like 630, julia natasha and jax came into my living room ith presents and cake. i was genuinly surprised and so happy. then alex showed up late, thats alex. hahah and we opend presents and cards and took pictures. we attacked eachother for a wh ile with those things you low into and they unroll and stiffen.....wow that sounds awful. anyway we went to chilis and feasted. but it was a long wait so we went into the post apocolyptic wasteland that is sears mall. but there was a castle looking thing we danced in for a while and then went into g+g and mocked what they had to offer,....sagitarious. mhm. we got some fried fried food and played the picnic game at my house and alex stayed over. it was glorious, so good.
i love them all, i just wish rach and ryan couldve not been at abdn camp but i talked to ryan before my b day and rach called so it was all good.
thanks so much!!

<3 best birthday ever
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a very special birthday entry. [17 Aug 2004|02:04pm]
this weekend we went to a wedding in indiana. our cousin zachs wedding actually. so my brother, sister and i got to see all our cousins , who we always have fun with. my parents stayed at our aunt barbs and the rest of us crshed at our cousin stacys. we played loser, and kings and watched jeffrey chug tequilla, so much fun. then it ws time for the wedding, which we enlivened. we danced and drank partied. weddings are fantastic.
the driving, which was uncharacteristicly...not too bad, was only plagued by the length and lack of space the drive offered. we listed to christmas music and wacthed saved by the bell dvds, i watched camp and i listened to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack. towards the end of the drive i turned 15 and celebrated by rolling over and going to sleep. this weekend me and alex are goign to the city and staying the night and tearing IT APART with my birthday antics. im 15 now, you know. it took a while but it happened. not all of us can be suddenly 6 yers older like the olsens.
well ill update when i get back from the city opr maybe before then. \
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no ones takin' showers anymore [11 Aug 2004|03:44pm]
this week was wimmy flam wham wozzle awesome.
on monday julia, natasha and i took a 1:40 something train into penn. ON the train our tickets were punched by a women who wore a large keychain around her belt. The keycahin featured a fullsize picture of what we assumed to be her husband, in one hand triumphantly holding an animal pelt, in the other hand, the man weilded a shotgun.to top it off his hunting dog stood proud at the man clad in plaid side. I thought that would of been enough but the picture flipped to reveal the reverse side which featured her is a similiar postition holden her own arm length gun. it was beautiful. we got in at penn and julia needed to get rid of her saca-juwannas so we made a stop at auntie greasy's pretzel cart. which are delicous but oh so greasy.
we had some lunch at this cafe and then walked around or a while. we found our way into some stores until we went to drop by natashas sisters nightclub, that she manages. we got the grand tour of "suede" the swank hallway that is was. it was actualyl really cool. we saw where jt sits and what not it was pretty rad. natashas sister gave us some water and then we were on our way to hammerstein ballroom. on the way there some kids sitting on the sidewalk started to yell when the three of us passed, "yo big man, whcih ones your lady?!" ahh it was amazing. we got on a monsterous line where i was searched, but not the girls cause i geuss hey theyre just women what real damage can they do. hmm? felt safe. haha well we got pretty close and had an awesome view. a view that is of the drunk next to us who kinda resembled zach hanson, he was ridiculous. he was being a big time jerk and then julia asked him if he was indeed zach hanson. he was outraged, but hey what person with an overwhelming amount of pride wouldnt be, i told him that we love hanson and that he shouldnt worry aobut it. man he got angry he said hed knock me out if i didnt take it back, so whether i believed him or not we took it back. he left, threw up and was probobly kicked out. modest mouse came on and were oh so much better than i thought theyd be live. oh and ocean breathes salty was absolutely amazing, oh god was it good.
then lst night was the season finale of joe schmo 2 and god was that good. jackpot.

well thats all
p.s. goin away sorry, i truely am.
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this is my life [06 Aug 2004|05:52pm]
tonight is the season finale of degrassi high, where everything will go wrong at the semi formal. hahha im so excited. and immediatly following that is the bound to be hilarious, man in the mirror: the michael jackson story. oh god it looks hysterical. but me and natasha are in agreement, this movie will be onthing with out the real mj making an appearance as sort of a treat for the fans like being a juror in the background or a butler or something. o rmaybe he could be a hotle clerk who in response to an upptiy rich white mans racial remark will declare, thats ignorant!. so im excirted to keep a look out for that.

another topic we discussed today was ashley simpson lyrics. the fact that she has stains on her shirt and shes the biggest flirt., prompts me to ask is one a direct result of the other? god i hope so.

well i gotta go meat alex in the park.
ill post, well post degrassi and mj show feelings later.
ntash449: ashlee simpson show is on. god i love that song, the theme song
ntash449: its like.. exactly how i feel because truth is i do have stains on my tshirt and we all know very well (especially frank) that i'm the biggest flirt. and if you want my autobiography.. like.. don't ask my MOM or anything, baby, just ask me.
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dance dance dance [01 Aug 2004|04:29pm]
hello, im sorry its been so long but my computer wasnt playing any of my music and i cant be on the computer with out music its so bland and awful, well ive foud a way around it so heres the world according to pat, since ive returned.

ryan's back form italy so now our parties have been given their life back. BUt actually last night was our best in awhile, and ryan wasnt there, still wold of been better if he was.

We went to jacksons and hung out for a little and then went to that latterman/a million other bands-show, but on the way stopped at the beach we werent quite ready for the heat fest it would be in a basement. We saw nicky and dan with pat and mike so we talked to them until we all left for the show. there i saw some people that i havnt seen i a while, made an appearance then left for the beach again, this time with the tunes. ahah we played our ddr soundtrack music along with many other dance songs and danced for like an hour at jacksons private beach. we thought that there was some romantic diner going on when we got down there but we could nt see who it was so we walked furter away. turns out it was only chuck and friends who didnt mind flashdance blaring. when we were consumed with sweat and pain we called it quits and strutted back to jacksons where we made aewsome stencils, mine came out awesome it was a really rad raphael head. me and julia scored some old shirts from jackson that were too small for him. it was an amaizng night. icant wait for another.

going to the movies, ill be sure to regularly update
and they say california is a recipe for a black hole
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sieraaaaa!!! [16 Jul 2004|03:17pm]
sizzlin' in tuscon. ITs pretty lame, mom and dad are doing their reunion thing and im just kinda hanigngo out watching tv at my 2nd cousins. IM really bored right now but two episodes of strangers with candy were just on and that lightened my mood. I miss things alot tho. i miss my dog. I miss my alex hahah, and i misss all my friends. I have to go play some extreme sport tonight that involves trampolines and a volleyball net, i geuss it sounds fun and all but im terrible at sports, and it seems like all guys here are expected to be atheltes, love cars and love bikes. so if im disapointing i geudd theyll just have to deal. Theres also alot, alot of riot girls here.
But im excited that cary elwes is in another movie soon. in related movie news, finally what ive beenw waiting for, the highly anticipated sequal to baby geniuses is arriveing soon. good god. Why why...why why why?
i had a black out in my hotel that was pretty fun, it was pitch black in places and there was a slight pandemonium because the games still worked but they were free for some reason so kids were rushing it and what not.

hopefully sunday will arrive soon enough and ill be home. ill see you then.
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take on me [09 Jul 2004|11:16pm]
this week was filled more than ones healthy share of short shorts and cut offs, but it was fun none the less. i went to my sister and brother and laws second annual 80's fourth of july party. This being the high light of saratogan life, friends from hre and there came and gahered around the beer pong table, one more ridiculous looking than the next. I of course had to look like someones gay bitch....shut up paul...but chris looked none the better and both of us were hilarious. im sure hell have pics of it up soon.
I stayed that week and watched movies, tried to beet arcanoid for nintendo, and hung out with jeff and meg. When i came home i saw spiderman 2 for the 4th time which leads me into that topic, the awesome powerful fantastical feat that was the amazing spiderman 2.
oh man what can i say. ive never had so much fun seeing a movie. me and alex went to a tuesday midnight showing with some decent fans in the audience, some just pretended. But my god it was so much more comic than the other one, and it had just the right amount of camp that a spiderman movie should have, in addition to the awesome lines written for otto. most of it was shot so well and the graphics and real life characters were blended almost seemlessly. Ive neer been as drawn into and so curious as to the outcome of a scene as the subway scene. i actually gripped alex's hadn at parts, and when they brouth him back into the train and caried him i jiust loved the color contrast between his suit and the metalic silver of the surrounding cart i thought it looked amazing. The end was spectacular, i was sooo sooo sooo pleased. I wont say anything incase your stupid and havnt seen this movie, but what lied behind the mirror, that scene, wow... sneaking(again wont say enought to give away) that awesome actor, and letting him scream things and be so powerful. ohh and im soo soo hooked to see how they follow up on that scene in the next movie. The fact that they had doc oc in midst of a will battle between his consciousness and the ai of the arms was so good and so frightening when they tell him to steal, they play that awesome danny elfman scary drum music that was in the new plantet of the apes, and feature those arms, those monsterous arms slithering and taunting, my jaw dropped. to top the movie off if it wasnt amazing enoguh allready, bruce campbells back and hilarious, plus kurt conners is missing his arm that was fantastic and so just for the fans. in my opinion, one of the top 3 movies of all time. absolute nothing but love for it and cant wait to see it a 5th.

unfortuanltey i hve to go away again for another week to a reunion for my parents. ill write to alex and rach and julia, and when i get back its an aqua teen hunger force marathon.
ill see ya soon, pat.
<3 p.s. the newest episode of degrassi was 100%, oh god was it good.!!
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