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the better sullivan

its 16 miles

17 August
i dont mind wasting the best years of our lives.
acting, alex ross, alicia haberman, and futurama...........haza!, back to the future, beef patties, belle and sebastian, bowling 4's, bright eyes, bubba ho-tep, camp, camp the movie, chainsaws, comics, cranium, cursive, decemberists, family guy, fast chicks, going out with seniors, hot guitarists named alex, jaxs private beach, jesus christ anti-superstar, jews, lacey, lee wiltumuth's retainer, meanwhile, meatloaf, million dollar deli, morrissey, neutral milk hotel, paul mastroianni, piebald, q and not u, rilo kiley, rival schools, ryry, saddle creek christmas album, salvation army, star wars, sullivan holidays, the breakfast club, tilly and the wall, tim burton, ugly casanova, wet hot american summer, writing, x-men, yankee pedlers, yes